Statutory Assessment Outcomes 2019

 Two GatesNational 2018
Reception   GLD (Good Level of Development)  73%71.7%
Year 1 Phonic Screen  83%81%

Year 2 – End of Key Stage 1 Assessments

English Reading AttainmentTwo GatesNational 2018
Expected Standard74%75%
Greater Depth14%26%
English Writing AttainmentTwo GatesNational 2018
Expected Standard64%70%
Greater Depth8%16%
Mathematics AttainmentTwo GatesNational 2018
Expected Standard74%79%
Greater Depth16%27%
 Two GatesNational 2018
RWM Combined58%65%

Year 6 –  End of Key Stage 2 Assessments

English Reading AttainmentTwo GatesNational 2019
Expected Standard66%73%
Greater Depth19%27%
English Writing  AttainmentTwo GatesNational 2019
Expected Standard70%78%
Greater Depth11%20%
Mathematics  AttainmentTwo GatesNational 2019
Expected Standard70%79%
Greater Depth19%27%
English Grammar Punctuation & SpellingTwo GatesNational 2019
Expected Standard77%78%
Greater Depth34%36%
 Two GatesNational 2019
RWM Combined60%65%