Home School Agreement

Love Children, Love Learning

The School’s Role

We will:

  • Provide a safe and secure environment in which children can be happy and successful: safe from bullying, racism and extremism
  • Provide a broad, balanced and enriched curriculum
  • Provide a variety of teaching, learning and enrichment experiences
  • Encourage and promote high standards of work and behaviour and safety
  • Protect pupils from access to inappropriate materials over the internet

We will work in partnership with you by:

  • Informing you about what you child will be taught
  • Keeping you informed about general school matters and about your child’s progress in general
  • Inform parents of any difficulties regarding work or behaviour
  • Following safeguarding procedures as and when necessary

The Parent’s Role

I will ensure that my child:

  • Attends school regularly
  • Arrives on time, having had adequate sleep and a good breakfast
  • Comes to school ready to learn
  • Is collected on time
  • Is supported with his/her homework and other home learning experiences

I will help the school in its efforts to maintain good behaviour by:

  • Encouraging my child to keep the school’s code of conduct
  • Informing school of any circumstances which may affect my child’s behaviour or ability to work
  • Supporting the school’s approach to bullying and racism

I will offer help, praise and support to my child at school and at home by:

  • Attending parent consultations
  • Encouraging the completion and return of homework
  • Contacting school immediately if we have any concerns

I will sign and return any communication sent by the school.

The Pupil’s Role

I will:

  • Come to school each day
  • Attend school regularly and punctually
  • Wear my uniform with pride
  • Work hard and try my best to achieve my targets
  • Remember my manners at all times
  • Never take part in bullying or racism
  • Support my friends if they are being bullied by talking to an adult
  • Look after all school property and resources including ICT and use sensibly
  • Obey the school internet policy
  • Be a good representative of our school in the wider community

I will keep to the school codes of behaviour.

I understand that I can always talk to someone at school about any worries I may have.

At home I will:

  • Complete and return my homework
  • Make sure I have enough sleep
  • Present myself well to school