Online Safety

Do you know whether your children are safe when they are on line?

Do you know what kind of material they are accessing?

Which programmes are they watching?

If you think they are safe, what about the children/people they are in contact with?

Who are they messaging/talking to?

Who is trying to message/talk to your children?

Please cick this link to a new presentation for parents by Staffordshire Police on how to keep your children safer on line.

The NSPCC also offers some excellent guidance on how to talk about these questions and other issues – click on the link below:

Here is a usefeul factsheet: Social Media Guidance

Here are the recommended minimum age restrictions for some of the most popular platforms:

Facebook UK, Snapchat, TikTok and Instagram are all 13 years.

Whatsapp is 16 years.

Fortnite is 12 years.

If your children are regularly using one or more of these, then we stronly advise you to ensure you understand how they operate and also what you can do to support your children to use them safely.

The websites below are a great resource to help parents research the social networks, apps and games that children are using.  You can type  in the name of the app that the children are using and it gives you an easy visual of the pros and cons and a general overview of that app.  It also shares practical advice of what parents can do to ensure their children have fun yet stay safe.

Internet Matters

Common Sense Media



Do you know what Child Exploitation is? Do you know the signs? To keep our children safe we need to know about CSE.  Follow the links below for more information:-


CSE 2 Pace

Follow this link to the new Government resource Stop Abuse Together -to help keep children safe from sxual abuse.

Stop Abuse Together


We strongly advise that children should not watch squid game, the show is quite graphic with a lot of violent content.

Please also see some information on setting parental settings on Netflix

Read this blog:

We’ve seen multiple online challenges appearing following the SQUID GAME show release. We have produced a resource for parents that should help them address the issues of these viral challenges with their children: