Student Leadership

The student leadership members meet regularly with Miss Ford to discuss the issues around the school. Each class is represented by two members. Each class has class council meetings and their ideas feed into the main student leadership. The student leadership’s ideas are used to improve the school for the children.

Two Gates Primary Student Leadership Charter

  • Make improvements to the school
  • Communicate our ideas with the whole school
  • Listen to the ideas from the children in our class
  • Try and act on the views of the children in our class
  • Work with our teachers to make the school a better place

Two Gates Primary Student Leadership

At Two Gates Primary School we elect children from years 1 – 6 to make up the student leadership.

Elections take place each year and two leaders are elected per class.

The student leadership representatives meet with Miss Ford at least once a month, to work on ideas and projects to make the school better.

Our ideas and projects come from the views of the children in the school. Time is given for the class leaders to canvass opinions and feedback decisions made during student leadership meetings.

Student leaders helped to organise our very successful Children in Need appeal this year.