Initial Teacher Training & Continuing Professional Development

Our school is delighted to be part of the Arthur Terry Learning Partnership (ATLP) and we are fully committed to offering aspiring teachers the opportunity to train alongside our team of dedicated Two Gates professionals as a partner in the Arthur Terry Teaching School.

We view our role in nurturing and inspiring the next generation of teachers as a privilege and also host placements for students from University College Birmingham and Birmingham City University. Our trained mentors ‘go the extra mile’ to support and challenge students not only to work towards meeting the requirements of the standards but to develop and extend their pedagogy and awareness as teachers through a creative holistic approach.

Our mission statement is, ‘Love Children, Love Learning’! The well-being of pupils is the central to everything we do – we know that being happy and secure within our environment means that children will be more open to the challenge, excitement and uncertainty of new learning so that they can progress and achieve without limits.

At Two Gates we are committed to the continuing professional development (CPD) of all staff. An extensive programme is offered ranging from bespoke individual plans through to whole school initiatives, all carefully identified from analysis, needs assessment and improvement priorities. CPD is seen as an entitlement for all to continually improve for the benefit of our learners through carefully planned support and challenge.

All teachers belong to one or more of our leadership teams which means that right from ‘Day 1’ our teachers learn the importance of having a whole school vision and a shared responsibility for planning and seeing through the improvement priorities of the school. We are a school built on teams and teamwork at all levels.

Our school benefits from the Continuing Professional Development Programme offered to all schools in the ATLP. We learn collaboratively with colleagues from the other schools under the guidance of the Leadership Ambition Team (LAT).  Each term, planned CPD events take place for teachers, support staff and subject/aspect leaders from all schools including 1-1 coaching, cluster meetings, training events, learning walks, lesson observations and opportunities to visit each other’s schools. All events are evaluated for impact and the outcomes in terms of staff development are significant.

Any teaching student joining our team will be given the best opportunity to be successful.

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