All children experience times when they feel overwhelmed by situations they may find themselves in at school, at home or in their community e.g bereavement, family break-ups, illness, friendship difficulties.

All school staff have been trained in emotion coaching to support children with understanding their feelings and we use these strategies daily in all our engagements with children.

On occasions when children require more support, we plan oportunities for 1-1 and small group additional sessions where children access a carefully planned curriculum which encourages them to participate and succeed in small steps.

We focus especially on the 5 skills of listening, looking, speaking, concentrating and thinking.

Through circle time, games, stories, cooking and other activities the children learn that they are valued and can value others. They learn to recognise their feelings, and how to manage them in school.

Chat and Play

At the start of each day, children who need additional emotional support in school are invited to attend our chat and play sessions. These sessions allow children a space to share concerns, or to work through specific issues to enable them to feel comfortable about themselves in school. We use drawing, lego, games and conversation in play to provide a safe space for children to express their needs and to receive nurturing support and encouragement.

These sessions also support pupils who find the transition form home to school difficult.

The children tell us that they love attending chat and play and that it helps them feel calm and happy.